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What is the Role of a Financial Stability Report?

Financial Stability ReportsFinancial regulators and central banks in over 60 countries publish Financial Stability Reports about the health of their banking, financial and payments systems. These are a rich source of information on the structure of financial systems, recent trends in banking and finance, and the impact of the global economy on local markets. For scholars and students, FSRs can be a valuable tool in understanding developments in a banking system over time or allow them to make comparisons across financial markets. For policy-makers, FSRs are a platform to explain their concerns about the financial system to a wider audience, to set down benchmarks for tracking risk in a country, and to present new approaches to regulating the financial system. FSRs are a window into this complex world. Read more

Country Reports
The latest Financial Stability Reports from 60 countries are available here. This section also contains the most recent IMF country reports and financial sector assessments. These reports help the reader better understand the complex trends and policy actions that strongly affect financial stability in each country. Read more

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Regulatory Agencies

Regulatory agencies with oversight of financial markets and institutions are more frequently offering assessments of risk. Risks identified by entities such as IOSCO, FINRA, and DTCC are more focused on financial market and sector imbalances.  Read More

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Global Perspectives

Two international bodies, the IMF and BIS, publish regular assessments of the global economy and financial system. These offer a high-level view of recent trends and key issues, like how quickly the global economy will recover from the recent crisis and how global capital flows are shaping the new economy. Read more