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Bretton Woods: The Founders & The Future

Edited by Lawrence Goodman and Kurt Schuler

Seventy-five years ago, 730 delegates from 44 countries met in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, and put into place an entirely new financial foundation for the world.

Today, the global economy and financial system confronts challenges of epic proportions. Central bank balance sheets are swollen to levels never seen before. Interest rates are negative. Hence, many governments actually earn revenue by borrowing – despite large and expanding debt burdens. The system is frayed.

The Center for Financial Stability gathered policy makers, financial market participants, and academics at Bretton Woods to better understand present challenges and offer solutions for the future.

Table of Contents

Lawrence Goodman

1. Leadership and Strategic Vision at Bretton Woods
Jacques de Larosière, Eric Helleiner, Eric Rauchway, Kurt Schuler, Spencer F. Eccles, Francisco Suárez, Lawrence Goodman

2. Prospects for the World’s Foreign Exchange System
Otmar Issing, John B. Taylor, Liu Mingkang, Charles Goodhart; Guillermo Ortiz, Peter Garber, Ronald McKinnon, Yu Yongding

3. Challenges for Advanced and Emerging Economies
Yves-André Istel, Adnan Akant, Takatoshi Ito, Richard Portes, Eduardo Aninat, Domingo Cavallo, Edward Offenbacher, Qiao Yide

4. The Future of Finance and Technology
Robin Lumsdaine, Sheila Bair, Charles Goodhart, Richard Sandor, Jack Malvey, Peter N. Johnson, Stephen Kealhofer, Dexter Senft

5. Crisis Management and Debt Restructuring
Robert Aliber, Paul Tucker, Nick Sargen, Lawrence Goodman, Robert Gray, Sean Hagan, Whitney Debevoise II, Richard Portes

6. The Future Role of the World Bank
Carole Brookins, Peter Woicke, Nancy Birdsall, Franco Passacantando

7. The Future Role of the IMF
Randal K. Quarles, David DeRosa, Guillermo Ortiz, Siddarth Tiwari, Ted Truman, Tao Zhang; William Rhodes

8. Conclusion and Steps Forward
Randal K. Quarles, Ernesto Zedillo, Carole Brookins

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